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Digital Shares

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Benefit of Working with us

We deliver results

We are FAST

Depending how well you know your ICP or Ideal Customer Profile we can get your campaign up and running in 1 week.

We deliver or we work for FREE

We only charge if we deliver results. We arrange 3 calls with your Ideal Customer Profile. If you're satisfied with the service, we'll then make you a proposal.

Organic Growth

We only employ organic growth strategies, no paid advertising.

Lead Generation, done for you

We implement the needed engine for you to scale

Define your Ideal Client Profile

We profile the decision-makers who purchase from you and analyze their challenges and expectations.

Multi-channel Growth Strategy

We execute personalized LinkedIn + Email campaigns tailored to your specific needs, ensuring multiple touch points with your client.

Get Leads in your inbox

Get 3x more booked clients calls with our multi-channel approach and tested templates.


Why choose us?

New outbound approach

New approach:
No upfront cost
Multi-channel Strategy
We collaborate only if we add value
Old Digital Agencies
Old approach:
Upfront retainer
Omni-channel Strategy
Collaborations regardless of added value
Why invest?

Startup investments were previously only
available to the wealthiest 3% -

This needs to change!

Invest in the next big thing
Uber revolutionized the mobility industry, and Airbnb transformed the hotel industry.

Be part of the next revolution.
Fund the future
Startups are creating jobs and improving the state of the world.

Support startups you believe in.
Get in early
The earlier you invest, the higher the potential returns.

Imagine having invested in Google early like Jeff Bezos and made a return of 112’000%.
Join the Mission
Become part of our collective journey and community.

We invest in innovative ventures that shape the future and drive progress.
Become a startup investor in just 4 steps
Step 1: Pick your favorite startup
Search and select startups you are passioned about and that can add value to you in the future.
Step 2: Invest
Invest the amount you prefer in a startup in USDC, EUR or CHF.

Step 3: Receive your digital shares
Receive digital startup shares with ownership right attached which give you a stake in the startup.
Step 4: Buy and sell 24/7
Use the secondary market to easily buy and sell digital startup shares 24/7.

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