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Business Angel community: Access high-quality Swiss startups and trade tokenized shares 24/7

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Startup Investing Reimagined

Tokenized startup shares for trading anytime

Democratize startup investing

Access high-quality startups starting from $1000.

Trade 24/7

Say goodbye to long lock-in periods.

Trade anytime tokenized shares on decentralized exchanges with unparalleled liquidity and flexibility.

Equity Tokenization

We transform traditional startup equity into equity digital tokens, harnessing blockchain's security and efficiency.

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We empower everyone to invest in startups

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How it works

For investors

Discover & Invest in startups

Browse a curated selection of high-quality startups on Arcton. When you're ready, invest seamlessly to acquire your stake with CHF, EUR or USDC.

Redeem Tokenized Shares

After the fundraise, transfer your tokenized shares to your digital wallet. Thanks to Swiss legislation, these tokens represent your ownership in the startup.

Buy & Sell Anytime

Trade your tokenized shares anytime on Camelot Decentralized Exchange, enjoying the ease and freedom of transacting whenever the moment feels right.


Why choose us?

What makes us unique

Features included :
Buy & Sell startup shares 24/7
Liquid Secondary Market
Invest with Fiat or Stablecoin
Other Crowd-investing
Features not included :
Restrictions on selling
Inexistent Secondary Market
Fiat only
Why invest?

Startup investments were previously only
available to the wealthiest 3% -

This needs to change!

Invest in the next big thing
Uber revolutionized the mobility industry, and Airbnb transformed the hotel industry.

Be part of the next revolution.
Fund the future
Startups are creating jobs and improving the state of the world.

Support startups you believe in.
Get in early
The earlier you invest, the higher the potential returns.

Imagine having invested in Google early like Jeff Bezos and made a return of 112’000%.
Join the Mission
Become part of our collective journey and community.

We invest in innovative ventures that shape the future and drive progress.
Become a startup investor in just 4 steps
Step 1: Pick your favorite startup
Search and select startups you are passioned about and that can add value to you in the future.
Step 2: Invest
Invest the amount you prefer in a startup in USDC, EUR or CHF.

Step 3: Receive your digital shares
Receive digital startup shares with ownership right attached which give you a stake in the startup.
Step 4: Buy and sell 24/7
Use the secondary market to easily buy and sell digital startup shares 24/7.

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We care about your data in our privacy policy.
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