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We help founders raise money, engage their communities, and scale for the future.
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Why Arcton

A better way to raise capital

Fast and effective

Get started in minutes. Launch in days. On Arcton you can close your fundraising round in as little as 8 weeks.

More than just money

Companies have tripled user bases, sold millions worth of product, gained press coverage, connected with VCs, and raised follow-on rounds at great terms with the help of their Arcton campaign.

VC friendly

Our Crowd SAFE is VC-approved. You can raise capital on Arcton before, during, or after your venture round. A crowd round is an important complement to traditional VC, not its replacement.
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How it works

A full-service fundraising journey

Arcton is with you every step of the way—before, during, and after your campaign—so you can focus on building your business across the globe.

Create campaign

Create a teaser campaign in minutes. Invite your community to gain traction.


Get investments thousand of investors while keeping you cap table clean.

Marketing support

Leverage our full-service marketing solution to maximize your campaign.

Close your round

Close your round with confidence and in only 8 weeks. Gain more than just capital, build and involve your community.

Keep yout investors updated

Keep investors updated and engaged with your progresses.

The ultimate fundraising stack

A seamless experience from start to finish. From pitching to promotion to payments, we've got you covered.
Scalable investor management tools
Our in-house investor relations team and founder-friendly tools make it easier than ever to manage your investors, send updates about your campaign, and more.
Marketing expertise and exposure
Our marketing team will help you craft the perfect pitch and drive traffic to your campaign.

Dedicated legal and onboarding lead
Don't go it alone. Launch quickly and efficiently with concierge-level care from our onboarding and legal teams.

Access to founder and partner networks
Get lifetime access to our alumni community and partner network after your campaign closes—not to mention our network of 20+ VC funds.

Our fees depend on the success of your campaign so you'll never overpay. We've got skin in the game—which means you can count on us to be all in.
Frictionless investment flow
We make the payment process quick and easy. Arcton supports payment by stablecoin, credit card, debit card, ACH, and wire transfer.

Raising from your community?

Invite customers and fans onto your cap table and watch them transform into true brand ambassadors. These features are designed with community in mind.
Launch in minutes
Spin up a teaser page and start gathering indications of interest right away.

Put your community first
Offer exclusivity with a whitelist solution designed to reward your most die-hard supporters.

Social capital
Extract value from your community beyond just capital with our networking tool.

Raise with no limits
From small private rounds to equity campaigns with no limit, we offer any configuration to fit your needs.
Arcton is the only platform that lets you reward your community with airdrops of equity.
White label campaign
Own the entire end-to-end design of the investment flow for the ultimate branded experience.

Applying only takes a few minutes

and our team is ready to help.