Don’t Lock Your Capital for Decades

Investments in startups are risky and often take a long time to yield returns.

With Arcton, you determine your investment horizon. Once you are satisfied with the performance of your investment exit 24/7 at your convenience.

Learn how we do it...
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Our partners

We work closely with our partner to get access to high quality startups


Startup shares are currently an illiquid asset class

Three reasons are hindering liquidity of startup shares

Regulatory Hurdles

Limitations to only accredited investors & geographical restrictions on cross-border security sales

Inefficient Technology

Lack of existing scaled technological solution to unlock liquidity of start-up shares

No Central Marketplace

Lack of a common marketplace worldwide adopted to buy and sell start-up shares
Our solution

The first crowd-investing platform where investors can buy and resell digital shares 24/7 without lockup periods.

Efficient Technology

We tokenize Start-up Shares on blockchain technology to unlock liquidity.

Secondary Market

Smooth and easy buy and sell of digital start-up shares on world’s largest Decentralized Exchange

Unique Regulatory Framework

We create digital start-up shares on blockchain with the newly created Swiss DLT Act and Cross-border offering of securities across all European market of EU/EEA.

Our why

Startups are changing the world around us and have been one of the most successful investment classes for their investors. However, only the wealthiest 3% of the population have benefited from this, while the other 97% are excluded. This needs to change!

Our Mission

We believe everyone should be able to invest in startups. For that purpose we use blockchain technology and the newly created DLT Bill to finally democratize startup investments. We empower everyone to buy and sell startup shares whenever they want.

Our history

Like you, we were looking for a solution to invest in startups. However, we were disappointed with the current solutions available because of their high ticket sizes, long lock-up periods, and lack of quality checks on the startups. For this reason we decided to create Arcton.

Our team

Our philosophy is simple — we believe everyone should be able to invest in startups with the same flexibility as if it was a listed company
Merens Derungs
Co-founder & CEO
Former Capital Market Lawyer at Baker McKenzie and has done a PhD (UZH) on Digital Shares and DLT Law.
Francesco Biviano
Co-founder & COO
Former Data Analyst at eBay and has done a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Blockchain at University of Geneva.