How it works

Some of todays largest companies have just recently been startups. No wonder have startups been one of the most successful asset class of the last decade*, and the global venture capital industry has grown 20X to $580 billion since 2002*.

Currently, only the richest 3% can invest in startups whereas everyday investors are excluded. Instead, everyday investors are left with public markets, where valuations are already high and returns are expected to decline in the coming years**.

We have made it our mission that everyone can invest in startups. With Arcton you can already invest in high-quality startups starting from CHF 100. In addition, you are not stuck with your investment but you can sell your shares whenever you want.

As an investor you directly invest in the success of a startup you believe in, and you can help a startup to grow. We carefully select each startup so you can invest in conficence.

Which types of startups I can invest?

All of our startups are vetted. They are disrupting the following industries:


Apps, Web applications, Platforms and more


Clean Energy, CO2-Reduction & Removal


Gaming, Virtual Reality


Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics


Investing, Payment, Savings.


Novel online stores, Platforms.

Why digital shares

We believe everyone should be able to invest in startups. However, today if you invest in a start-up you need to wait on average 7+ years until you can finally sell your shares. For everyday investors this is too long, or would you wait 7+ years until you get your money back?

Thanks to the DLT bill and Arcton investors can now trade their shares freely. To make it easy to sell startup shares, investors receive digital shares of the startup they invest in. A digital share is just like any other share, but it's issued on a blockchain. These shares can be traded freely, whenever you want.

Our digital shares are issued according to the DLT bill. The DLT bill is novel Swiss law that provides a legal framework for the issuance and trading of digital shares, ensuring that investors have clearly defined rights and that issuers are held to legal standards.

Because of the DLT Bill your investment is protected by a clear legal framework. In addition, because you are in control of your own shares, it's always clear that you are the owner of your shares – there's no need to worry about lost or misplaced paper documents.

To hold and manage your digital shares, you'll need to have a wallet. This enables you to directly control your shares and easily send and receive them whenever you want. If you don't have a wallet yet, it's easy to set one up – it only takes a few clicks and we will help you to get one.

How it works

Gone are the days, of being stuck with your startup shares for up to ten years without being able to sell it. With Arcton you have the flexibility to sell whenever you want.

Digital shares

Get digital shares, a share just like any other, but issued digitally


Invest with confidence in a fully regulated product


Stay in control of your shares by holding them directly

Buy & Sell

Buy & sell your digital shares whenever you want on a public market

How to sell

Today, you need to be patient when you invest in a startup; on average you need to wait seven years until you can sell your shares and get your money back. Arcton enables you to sell whenever you want, because you can.

How does it work? After participating in a crowdinvesting campaign, your startup shares will be transferred to you as digital tokens. These digital shares can then be easily transferred to anyone around the world with just a few clicks.

To make things even easier, Arcton is leveraging Uniswap, a decentralized exchange running on the blockchain, wich provides a secure and transparent platform for trading your startup shares. With Uniswap available 24/7, you can trade your shares anytime, anywhere.

How is the price for your shares determined? The price of your shares is freely determined by supply and demand, so the more successful a startup becomes, the higher the price should be.

Who operates Uniswap? It's important to note that Arcton has no control over the trading or price of your shares on Uniswap, as it is a decentralized exchange. Arcton also does not operate the Uniswap pool.

How it works

Gone are the days, of being stuck with your startup shares for 7+ years without being able to sell  it. With Arcton you have the flexibility to sell whenever you want.


Trade with whoever you want

Trade freely

Price is determined by supply & demand; buy low, sell high

Open 24/7

The market is open 24/7, so you can sell whenever you want


Sell in a few minutes

How we select startups

Before you can invest in a startup, each startup must undergo the following steps:


Due Diligence


Phase 1: Pre-Screening

We get to know the founders and make an initial assessment of the startup based on the following factors:


In early stage startup investing team is everything. We look for experience, business acumen, leadership, the ability to embrace change, and a clear vision for the future. We also consider factors such as the team's ability to adapt, communication skills, emotional intelligence, diversity, and their ability to execute and attract top talent.


A startup will only succeed if it scales. A large and expanding market can provide the necessary opportunities for a startup to scale and become a successful, larger company. We look for startups with an adressable market of at least CHF 100 million.


The success of a startup depends on the product. Is there a clear demand for the product? Is it solving a real problem or need in the market? How many people are already using the product? How have the key metrics developed over time? Does the product stand out from its competitors? What unique value does it offer?

Phase 2: Due Diligence

If the startup has successfully completed the Pre-Screening  we conduct a Due Diligence and examine the following:
Business model
We evaluate the startup's business model, including how they intend to make money and their potential profitability.
We evaluate the technology used by the startup to solve problems, including its uniqueness and potential for replication.
We assess the valuation cap and other terms of the startup's offering to ensure they are appropriate for the startup's stage and traction.
Fact checking
We verify whether the key facts presented in the pitch are true.
What does the competitive landscape look like? Are there already established companies doing the same?

Phase 3: Decision

After conducting a thorough review of the company, we will determine if it is a suitable candidate for raising funds on Arcton.

If we decide to move forward, we will prepare the necessary documentation and launch the campaign on the platform. We will also provide ongoing support and information to investors throughout the fundraising process.

Why have a lead investor?

Startups will only be listed on Arcton if they present us a lead investor. Having an experienced lead investor sends a strong signal. about the quality of a startup. Lead investors typically have profound knowledge about the startup, the industry, the market, and a network which helps the startup to succeed.

How to invest

Investing in a startup is easy, following these 6 steps:

Sign-up as an investor

It only takes 1 minute

Browse investment opportunities

Go through our startups and learn more about them

Pick a startup

Select a start-up that you are passionate about and define how much you want to invest

Complete the verification process

Our verification process is fully digitized and only takes a few minute

Select your payment type

We accept Swiss Francs, Euro and Crypto

Complete the verification process

After the crowdinvesting is completed you will receive digital shares of your startup
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