Why Invest in Startups?

Previously, only the wealthiest 3% could invest in startups.

With Arcton, gain the flexibility to manage investments like the stock market, opening up opportunities to everyone alongside seasoned investors.

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Some of todays largest companies were recently startups

For their early investors, these startups made significant returns
While no one can predict which startup will make it, Arcton gives you access to companies which have the potential to become the next big thing.

Invest in startups

Get in early and join the hunt for the next big thing.

Discover Innovators

Uncover promising startups with groundbreaking ideas that are ready to change the world.

Fuel Growth

Contribute capital to help startups scale and turn their potential into reality.

Share Success

Reap the rewards of wise investments and share in the success of the startups you've backed.

Venture Captial was the highest-performing asset class globally over the past three years

The Economist 2021
Become a business angel

Master the art of spotting the next big thing and become a business angel.

Invest in founders

Startups are improving the state of the world. Get to know the founders and invest in someone you believe in.


Don’t only invest in public companies. Add startups to your portfolio and diversify.

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