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Money Masters

The Duolingo for Finance | Learn to speak money

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  • Edtech platform: we make learning about personal finance fun and engaging.
  • Selected as top 10 Fintech companies in Switzerland.
  • 50,000+ users registered  and over $90,000 recurring revenue for 2023.
  • Raised over $1.5M from top-tier investors.
  • Clients: Spain's top Asset Manager & partnerships with Binance and Etoro.
  • Global Edtech market size $106 billion in 2021 growing 16.5% annually (YoY).


People Lack Financial Education 

67% of the global population don’t know anything about finance. As a result, people have zero savings, or, even worse, become overindebted, and end up with no retirement.

The education system often overlooks financial knowledge, and when addressed, it's often presented in a dull manner. This not only leads to individuals missing out on investment opportunities but also results in banks losing potential customers.


Financial Education Done Right. Finally!

While many industries have been revolutionized, learning about finance remains outdated and uninspiring.

Introducing Money Masters: our app that makes finance both easy and entertaining. Inspired by successful platforms like Duolingo, we've merged gamification with financial educational content. This approach transforms complex financial concepts into engaging, interactive experiences.

We also make our Money Masters app available for businesses. They can add any content they like and offer their clients the same fun, gamified learning experience on any topic.


The Money Masters platform

Money Masters primarily offers:

  • The MoneyMasters App: Designed for a rewarding and engaging financial learning journey.
  • Whitelabel Solution: This lets businesses use our app as if it's their own. They can add their own lessons and content to it.

Key features include:

  • The Academy: A step-by-step guide that teaches finance through animated lessons. As users learn, they earn rewards, making the process engaging and motivating.
  • Stock Market Simulation: Users can challenge their knowledge in the Fantasy Stock Maket and Trivia games. Top players earn real rewards.
  • Easy to Adapt: Our app is designed for flexibility. Business clients can simply add their own content to fit their needs.


Customers Around the World Love our App

In 2023, over 50,000 users in more than 10 countries chose Money Masters.

  • 65% users from: U.S. and Europe.
  • 200% growth in 2023, no marketing spend.
  • Top rated: Play Store (4.1), App Store (4.8).

Our Whitelabel Solution: Trusted by Industry Leaders

In 2023, we achieved a major milestone: we introduced our whitelabel solution and straight away landed a major customer, Bestinver.

  • A leading Asset Manager in Spain
  • Manages €5.736 billion in assets
  • Owned by a Top-30 Spanish Company

The Power of our Partnership:

  • Allowed us to perfect our white-label solution
  • Opens doors to the Latin American Market
  • Builds trust with new customers
  • Currently in advanced talks with 2 leading banks from Middle America.

Business Model

How we make Money

Money Masters leverages three revenue streams:

  • White-label Solution Licensing: Companies using our app for their content pay licensing fees. This forms our primary revenue base, ensuring stable earnings.
  • Partnerships and Advertising: We have already established partnerships with two of the biggest names in finance: eToro and Binance. For every new user we bring to them, we get compensated.
  • Premium Subscriptions: Access exclusive features and content with premium subscription.

Key Financial Highlights:

  • 2022 Achievement: Grew our revenue from 0 to $50,000.
  • 2023 Projections: Anticipated 56% growth, leading to $90,000 in projected revenue.

  • Looking Ahead - 2024: With strategic initiatives in place, we're targeting over 300% growth, aiming for an ARR of $270,000.
  • Profitability Goal: With our low burn rate, we are on track for profitability by Q4 2024.

Market Opportunity

Untapped Potential: 47 Million Users in the US Alone!

Financial illiteracy has emerged as a pressing issue, particularly among Millennials and Gen Z, highlighting a significant market opportunity.

Consider these eye-opening figures:

  • US Financial Illiteracy Rate: While the US stands as one of the world's most developed nations, a significant 46% of its population lacks basic financial understanding.
  • Switzerland's Challenge: Even in this sophisticated economy, 43% are financial illiterate.
  • Emerging Markets: In Brazil and India, the financial illiteracy rates soar to 65% and 76%, respectively.

These figures translate to over 5 billion people globally, all in dire need of enhanced financial skills.

Targeting 268 Million Opportunities Across Key Markets!

Money Masters' adaptability is our defining feature. The platform can be used with any type of content, suitable for any company globally.

Initially, our focus is on banks in two main regions:

  • United States: The country has more than 5,000 credit unions and community banks. It's a large market with many potential partnerships.

  • Latin America: A region with a stark need for financial education and virtually no competition for us. It houses more than 1,000 banks, providing a wide scope for collaborations.

In the U.S., we mainly look at Credit Unions. In LATAM, our focus is on Guatemala and Mexico. This approach offers us:


Solid User Growth

In just two years, Money Masters has achieved:

  • 50’000 Users, from 10 different continents

  • Sealed  two partnerships with two major financial institutions for our  white-label solution -  Spanish top-tier Asset Manager.

  • Been recognized as one of the top 10 Fintech companies in Switzerland.
  • Incubated at Fongit, a premier Swiss incubator.


Standing Out in the Financial EdTech Landscape

Money Masters is the only platform that makes financial learning both enjoyable and rewarding and allows you to test your knowledge.


  • 2024 Goal: Secure 5 white-label clients
  • 2025 Vision: Forge 14+ partnerships and achieve profitability.

Vision & Strategy

Transforming Education Through Gamification

Our Vision: We are making learning fun and interactive by gamifying complex topics. We help both learners enjoy their journey and businesses educate their clients. We are here to democratize learnin

Our Path: We started with finance, making a typically dry subject engaging. Our platform can be used for any type content though – think law, maths, employee training, and more. Whatever the topic, our commitment remains: making learning engaging and enjoyable.

Use of Funds

Maximizing Your Investment's Growth

  • AI Advancements (38%): Injecting AI will keep us at the tech forefront, boosting platform value and demand.
  • Sales Push (24%): Our goal: five new white-label clients by 2024. More clients = increased revenue and ROI for you.
  • Team Growth (13%): By investing in top-tier talent, we're ensuring the continued excellence of our platform.
  • Operational Efficiency (8%): Ensuring a top-notch user experience, driving client retention.
  • Seeding Liquidity Pool (17%): Providing investors with deep, sustainable liquidity for their investment from day 1.





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