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Startup investing made easy

In the past only the richest 3% of the population had access to start-up investments, one of the most successful asset classes of the past decade.

Arcton is the first crowd-investing platform to democratize access to startup investments where investors can buy and resell digital shares 24/7 without lockup periods on world’s largest exchange for digital assets.


Start-up investments are
accessible only to wealthy individuals

Start-up investments have been one of the most successful asset class of the last decade. Unfortunately only the richest have benefited from it.

Not for everyone

CHF 50’000 is the minimum ticket to invest in start-ups.

Very long time

7+ years your money locked before a potential return.
As a result only the richest 3% of the population have access to start-up investments whereas the rest of the population is excluded.

The first crowd-funding platform for flexible startup investments

Arcton has developed the first crowd-investing platform on blockchain technology. Digital securities are issued cross-border and investors can buy and resell digital shares 24/7 on world’s largest exchange for digital assets without lockup periods.
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Trade 24/7

Investors can buy and resell digital start-up shares 24/7 on world’s largest exchange for digital assets, without lockup periods.

High-quality startups

We only onboard start-ups who have a qualified lead investor and pass our internal quality control. Invest alongside experienced start-up investors.

For everyone

Everyone can invest! Start investing from as low as CHF 100
How we do it

Customer journey


Startups apply through Arcton's website to seek funding from retail investors. To qualify for onboarding they need to have a lead investor and pass Arcton's internal due diligence control.

Tokenize shares

We create digital startup shares on blockchain with the newly created Swiss DLT Act. With our legal structure we can onboard Swiss and European startups.

Listing - Raise funds

The listing is a consequence of a well prepared pre-listing marketing campaign to attract existing and new retail investors.

Invest - Retail investors

Once the campaign is launched it will be possible to participate for 3 weeks and receive digital startup shares on a personal wallet of choice.

Secondary Market

Once the primary issuance is completed a portion of the raise funds will be dedicated to provide liquidity to the Liquidity Pool where will be possible to buy and resell the startup shares.
Business model

A two-sided marketplace

We operate a two-sided marketplace for start-up investments. Like other crowd-investing platforms our business mode is:

Fundraising fee

We charge 5% of the total capital raised from the startup - Commission based.

Administration fee

We charge retail investors 0.5% yearly fee for organizing and managing the investor pooling.

Success fee

Whenever a startup is sold or there is a liquidity event we charge a 10% fee on net-profit in case of an exit (carried interest).


What we have achieved
so far

Onboarded 15 startups and 300 investors
First spin-off from the University of Zurich which received the Digital Entrepreneur Fellowship
Selected, among 300 startups, to be part of the VIII cohort of the Incubation program at F10 Incubator & Accelerator.
Winner of the Innobooster Blockchain Nation Switzerland prize
More than 2 years of research into asset tokenization

Meet our team

Our philosophy is simple — we believe everyone should be able to invest in startups with the same flexibility as if it was a listed company
Merens Derungs
CEO & Co-founder
Former Capital Market Lawyer at Backer McKenzie and has done a PhD (UZH) on Digital Shares and DLT Law.
Francesco Biviano
COO & Co-founder
Former Data Analyst at eBay and has done a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Blockchain at University of Geneva.


Who belives in us

Bea Knecht
Ex-CEO & Co-founder:
Francesco Illy
Owner of:
Univeristy of Zurich
Previously invested in:

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